Grumpy Elimination

Our Lemon business has grown out of a desire to offer the best Lemonade, and have fun.

We are often asked how we are able to filter our Lemons to ensure they are not Grumpy?

Quality control is a vital part of what we do, first we ensure we use specific Lemons for their flavour, juice and general condition, secondly we have to test for grumpiness, which is done by employing my mother-in-law. 

Before the Lemons are placed into our Lemon washing systems, we have my mother-in-law takes her teeth out and sucks each Lemon in our hi-tech studios, where videos and advanced face recognition software alerts us when she smiles, this means that Lemon is sweet and tastes nice to our Mother-In-Law, so it is way toooooooooooo sour for us and therefore rejected.

We then wash the Lemons she disliked (which is normally the nice and juicy ones) and use them to make our Lemonade.

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