To be able to offer 100% guaranteed satisfaction used to be a scary daunting suggestion, but after 6 years, we have this down to the 100% we wanted.

For children events:

1. Staff are all fully trained in our products. 

2. Each Drink is hand made perfectly

For private and adult events:

1. Staff are all fully trained in our products, we never use drunks when serving at adult events (the guy in the hat just looks drunk, all the time). 

2. Each Drink is hand made to the perfect twist of Lemonade and Vodka

We believe in good banter and theatre for your guests, so all our staff have personality and a desire to make sure they are friendly and helpful. 

Overall we feel we have achieved this goal due to our repeat requests to attend events and parties with clients coming back for more. 

We also include:

1. Happiness

2. Commitment

Our company has grown out of a desire to offer the best products and chill in cool places during the summer, so with this in mind, we found ways to produce our great great grandmothers recipe to ensure we keep busy.