The Lemons Menu

Each Lemonade is hand crafted for you. normally provided is a large 24oz dome lid cup, however depending on the event we have a selection of Lemonade recipes and designs for your event. 

Whether your event is a private affair a fireworks evening or music festival our stands make a good impression, Each stand offers your guests American Lemonade and Iced tea (Various flavours) which is a real winner wherever we go.

The recipes we use for are family secret we have been using for years.

  • Whilst anybody might think they can make traditional home made lemonade, The home made American lemonade we provide is highly addictive and will impress your guests.

Our Southern Style Iced Teas are perfect for those that want to try something different.

  • The Lemon can be set up anywhere you want, these are great little units that can be seen in shopping centres, school fêtes, local car boot sales and many different music festivals.

History of our Lemonades

Iced tea is a perfect way to relax on a sunny afternoon, we offer the perfect hand produced iced tea each and every time it’s made for you. The recipe has been in our family for years.

In many cases we can create a Iced Tea for your event, if you want an us to look into please contact us.

Iced Tea from around the globe.

Our Range of  Iced Tea from around the globe.

  • Southern style Iced Tea (sweet and unsweet)
    Miami Iced Tea
    Lemon Iced Tea
    Peach Ice Tea
    Event Specials

We produce our own products. Get in touch